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    Basf featured the packaging industry remain cut off mineral oil solutions, promote food security
    Update£º2012-4-27 13:37:46¡¡Views£º1398
    Recently, basf launched a series of facing the packaging industry remain cut off mineral oil solutions, designed to prevent from cardboard packaging migrate out of the residual mineral oil pollution caused by food.
    In 2010, Zurich, Switzerland, state food safety administration study found that cardboard packaging usually made with recycled paper, which contains printing ink of the remainder of the mineral oil. These remains can be in room temperature conditions evaporation, and precipitation in the box on the dry food, you face, coarse grain of wheat flour, rice, oatmeal and breakfast cereal, etc.
    Basf chinaplas 2012 will be on display at the Paper coating used for the Ultramid ® and Ecovio ® FS Paper two efficient blocking solutions. Analysis showed that, in the packaging of the mineral oil contains vaporized from 80% of paraffin wax and cycloparafin hydrocarbon and 15%-20% of the aromatic hydrocarbons, and at present paper boxes plastic liner cannot provide most of the effective isolation.
    Basf oil chemical Asia Pacific head and basf Asia Pacific packing team leader, senior vice President PanKeHan (Torsten Penkuhn) he said: "basf for almost all types of packaging for solutions. We are committed to help customers to food security that a global concern."
    The basf Ultramid ® polyamide resin has been widely used in the production of before the thin film of the package, including used to isolate the smell and oxygen and used in meat and cheese film preservation of very tough multilayer the packaging system, and a new one Ultramid ® is specializing in cardboard packaging the isolation of coating in development. In addition, all contain Ultramid ® layer of multi-layer bags have oil block function.
    Ecovio ® FS Paper is a biodegradable plastic, applicable to the cardboard and biodegradable packaging film coating system, comply with European EN 13432 standards to the requirements of the packing can compost, for Paper and cardboard packaging recycling brought about new ways.
    In addition to cut off the residual mineral oil content coating, basf still offers a variety of is used to ensure that food packaging safe, efficient, and effective solutions. Basf of phthalic acid esters plasticizer Hexamoll ® DINCH for including food contact products, sensitive application, such as plastic wrap, bottle caps, sealants, blocks, washer and artificial bottle stopper, provides the comprehensive solutions. Joncryl ® ADR chain extension agent can reduce the pure materials processing difficulty raising the utilization rate of recycling materials, so as to reduce the cost of raw materials.
    Basf packaging solutions apply to all kinds of food packaging, include paper, cardboard and film.