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    The state mandatory standards "the packaged food labels general rules" implementation
    Update£º2012-4-27 13:38:22¡¡Views£º1364
    According to the sound of China "news and newspapers in the" report, the state mandatory standards "the packaged food labels general rules" yesterday (20) it has formally implementation. Future foods contain food additives, such as an allergy must mark, let consumer clearly.
    Food label is the most direct, consumers understand product effective way, but previously unknown problems often because mark, affect consumers choose and buy food. Mention "lean lean fine" consumers will abandon the sufferer, but if the label is "Karen trow's", I'm afraid it is difficult to someone know that this is the same substance. The international food packaging association, vice President of golden lion standing by, said the new standard special requirement, if add food additives must be labeled "of generic" : "for example in the product additive, the past just write a additives, or write a pigment, this ambiguity will not allow, now must be the mark, must want to concrete, traceable. Must want to use some common people understand."
    Dong golden lion said, the new standard of crossbows being contains "the disease of prevention, the treatment effect", the content of the mislead consumers, from a certain degree to prevent the enterprise consumer fraud. In addition, the new standard is to label text font, sorting, including enterprises provide valid address and the date of production, make specific requirements, in violation of the relevant regulations of the enterprise will face hefty fines.
    At present, our country allow use of food additives has more than 2300 kinds of, in addition to 200 a variety of nutrition fortifiers. But as consumer food safety awareness enhancement, a lot of people don't want food additives, but according to the Chinese academy of engineering, food additives SunBaoGuo expert introduction, food additives in each one side: "we drink soda water, soda water baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, is food additives, it is in soda water acidity regulator, if used in steamed bread, used in twisted dough-strips is fleeciness agent of. Oil and salt in the sauce vinegar food additive. You at home cooking need not eat food additive. It cannot do it at all, and there is no need for that."
    SunBaoGuo said, face appear constantly of food safety events, consumers to use scientific attitude and the understanding of the food labels calm all kinds of food additives: "we are a lot of people bring illegal additives as food additives, like melamine, Sudan red, red meat of these are our country order prohibits, even allow use of food additives, also can't literally use, you can't not excessive, beyond. So far, we appear serious harm China's food safety accidents, and no one is because food additive caused it."