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    From "poison capsule" see printing and packaging industry "conscience market"
    Update£º2012-4-27 13:39:00¡¡Views£º1334
    From "poison capsule" see food and drug safety crisis
    "If I want to eat jelly after the, I take their shoes lick a lick, if I want to eat after old yogurt, I took their shoes lick a lick, later if I catch a cold sore, I take their shoes lick a lick... invincible leather shoes!" If in a month ago, perhaps no one can understand, but now it seems only in three words to describe-you know!
    Within a few weeks, "leather shoes" became the most current hot noun: the existing old yogurt, fruit jelly "gelatin clouds", heel "poison capsule" pharmaceutical shady decision-making. Net friend even make fun of, leather shoes may also want to "price".
    "Poison capsule" event, refers to the hebei some enterprise, with quick lime processing leather waste, have made into industrial gelatin, sold to shaoxing hsin chong made some enterprise medicinal capsule, eventually flow into pharmaceutical enterprise, into the belly patients. This kind of capsule, often heavy metal exceeds bid chrome content. Chromium, is an essential trace elements, is also a kind of toxic big heavy metals, 2010 edition of the China pharmacopoeia specific provision, medicinal capsule and the use of gelatin the original material, chrome content are no more than 2 mg/kg. Currently has confirmed that the 9 pharmaceutical companies with the production of 13 batch drugs, overweight most tonghua Yi born pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Inflammation made away capsule, more than normal chrome content standard of more than 90 times.
    April 16,, the food and drug administration issued an emergency notice, requirements on 13 medicinal hollow products sales and use capsule pause. And that has to instruct the related province the food and drug administration bureau of media coverage of the medicinal hollow capsule chromium exceeds bid to launch the supervision and inspection and product inspection, and on to the scene to superintendent himself.
    In fact, the event will "food and drug safety" this YiJin years to the hottest topic pushed again outlet wave. Food safety problems emerge in endlessly, the country is SanLingWuShen, that vigorously promotes, but so far, people still don't understand, what food safety problems should be the one to guarantee? And how to guarantee?
    I think, the food security problem is, in essence, the lack of social honesty, the social credit system is not perfect, the strict laws and regulations can be "late", the establishment of a fair, transparent, can check the production process and monitoring of zadok check system, can effectively solve the problem of security people missing. As shenzhen security association President, shenzhen city huade anti-counterfeiting technology development Co., LTD. The chairman DuZhen Mr. Lin talked about: food and drug production process of open, transparent and traceability and logistics transport links in the open, transparent and fidelity, is the effective method to solve the credit crisis. Use do not copy, not counterfeit, not repeat the anti-counterfeiting packaging technology and use of the Internet and information technology, the card from the production and processing to food storage to stores, in the hands of consumers, the whole process and authenticity of the traceability is very important.
    Printing and packaging industry to be "conscience market"
    The food and drug production process, including food and drug production, processing, packing, logistics, marketing and other links. Printing and packaging industry, in the process also undertakes the important link. The food and drug packaging, packaging appearance design, packaging material selection, packaging and printing process realize, packaging machinery equipment such as the selection process for the final segment to have important influence on the market.
    Printing and packaging industry, how to take their social responsibility and obligation, make food and drug printing and packaging the "conscience market"? The author thinks that will run the following aspects:
    A, flexo printing green environmental protection. In the food the packing of the drugs, especially the packing of the direct contact with the medium, should choose to environmental protection, non-toxic solution of printing. Such as non-toxic water-based ink, UV ink, biodegradable edible new packaging material, etc.
    Second, security printing and packaging technology. Through the printing and packaging technology, ensure that the product's only duplicated sex, so as to reduce the market with false shoddy, for really possibility. At present the country and printing industry to actively promote together the drug electronic supervision code, is to ensure that the product traceability and uniqueness of important measures.
    Three, small packets assembly solutions. Small packing to extend the shelf life, also facilitate packing damage, deterioration problems appears after testing and return, if can be done in small packaging assembling and products of the profit balance, believe in the market will have great competitive.
    Four, contracted and creative both the packaging. The attention of packaging, packaging not to "excessive", but should adhere to the reasonable contracted packaging concept, heavy creative and light trival, pledges in material, contracted the basis of public way, by the creativity to beat the market, avoid "excessive packaging".
    Do food and drug packaging, is not only show the technology level of enterprise, enterprise reflects more social "conscience", reflect the country's moral bottom line. Printing and packaging "conscience market", need a large number of "conscience" of the enterprise and individual to common management.