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    The color box printing enterprise will pay more attention to the road after processing technology
    Update£º2012-4-27 13:35:20¡¡Views£º1610

       Most color box processing enterprise say their products are Heidelberg, global group and imported seal of the printer, printing quality are similar. Instead in the word processing, due to the different process, processing equipment to difference of packing into product quality is uneven, difference is very big. Therefore, the color box factory to in the fierce competition in the market to win, but he couldn't in terms of the quality of printing highlights advantage, this paper introduce and necessary into new road after processing equipment, the marketing advantage from flaunt printing machine change to flaunt that after the processing technology of equipment varieties and brand, through the product that after the process can realize the functionality and diversity, and finished product quality to attract more customers, obtain more order.
    And printing equipment choice range small different, that after the processing equipment for its functional subdivision, different varieties, the brand is various, quality not neat, choose a wide range. Many large color box packaging plant due to the expansion of production tasks, the acceleration of enterprise development, the color box processing equipment demand is also continuing to rise, they in the configuration equipment market investigation, printing equipment market due to be several overseas manufacturers giant occupy, equipment quality and quality no more regional don't, the choice scope is very small, the enterprises need not spend too much energy in the choose and buy of printing machines. However, given that after the equipment market, select the range is very wide wide, very much to do STH. And the processing technology in the packaging that after the production process is an important position occupy, today's color box processing enterprise will concentrate on the investment in the word processing equipment of the investigations and the choose and buy.
    Information source: sino-indian nets