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    Printing between the two countries is to export CTP plate ''income anti-dumping duties
    Update£º2012-4-27 13:36:24¡¡Views£º1393

    Latest news, new Delhi, India, April 9, 2012, to protect domestic manufacturers interests, India will be proposed to from China and Japan to some of the model state import CTP printing plate $6.6 per square meter anti-dumping surtax.
    According to preliminary getting information, the Indian anti-dumping and joint tax agency (Directorate General of preview Dumping and Allied Duties, hereinafter referred to as DGAD) says it has concluded that their print material industry is suffering from China and Japan imported offset printing CTP of plate "Dumping damage". Indian anti-dumping and joint tax administration according to different type plate will increase from $5.26 to $6.6 per square metre of anti-dumping surtax range.
    It is reported, from China and Japan dumping products in April 2010 the number to March 2011 increased obviously. So the such CTP plate in the all India import product catalogue number in the now growth. A digital display, 2007-2008, the import of India CTP plate for 1.133 million square meters, 2010-2011, that number has increased to 4.233 million square meters.
    The anti-dumping and joint tax administration of the ministry of commerce of India has institutions, the executive in charge of the relevant taxes for our department of finance. For from India industry complaints, anti-dumping and joint tax agency has started investigating related plate type.
    Anti-dumping duties and unified, bonded different, its in various countries have different standards of different products. India has started from China and Japan to a large number of cheap CTP plate of its related industrial production is born "damage" checks. As for anti-dumping measures taken to, must according to the world trade organization multilateral trade rules. Need that, anti-dumping actions aim is to ensure that its implementation in the environment of equal producers grow, not is for the other countries limit on the product.